My sweet Kaiser. He truly had a heart of Gold. He was our honorary Akita. I had always loved Goldens. And my previous Golden had passed away a few years before Kaiser came into my life. My sister was in town and missed her bird so she wanted to go see some in a petshop. Well the petshop we went to had no birds, but they did have puppies. In a cage was an adorable Golden pup, he was already much older than all the other pups there, he was very large compared to his cage and the tag said price reduced. It was clear people were passing this pup by. When he looked at me he broke my heart and I had to take him out of the cage. He was so excited that he peed on me! lol The woman working there was so rude and disgusted by this pup. My mom was with us and asked if his price was going to be reduced again. She said she didnt think so since they just reduced his price, but she asked anyway. To our surprise they offered to take off another 100.00. We had no plans to buy a dog and especially not from a petshop which we are against. But 200.00 later we took this sweet puppy home. Even though we knew he was probably from a puppymill as most petshops pups are, when we got him home it was heartbreaking to see. This poor pup did not know how to drink from a bowl, only a water bottle and he was freaked out walking on grass probably being in a cage his entire short life. But Kaiser was the best dog ever. From day one he bonded with me as his person. He never needed a leash and would never wander.  He was sweet as can be and since he was here before all the Akitas he was my puppy raiser. We actually nicknamed him Momma Kaiser. I miss this boy so much. I will definitely get another Golden one of these days, Life without one is just not the same. 4/2001-9/2013


Kaiser and Kuma were together the longest. They were be best of friends. I have never seen a dog mourn until Kuma passed away. It was so sad to see him. Thankfully with time and the help of his other best friend Bella he did do better, but he sure did miss his "baby"

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